On-the Job Training (OJT)

Looking for OJT to maximise your skills in preparation for real Job?

Primary Focus in your OJT are:
1. Create your own online portfolio to give your possible client a taste of yours even if you aren’t hired yet.
2. Familiarize/review the following tools to kick start your web skill proficiency:
-Adobe Photoshop
-CMS (WordPress)
3. Experience how to use project management tools like Podio and Basecamp.
4. Learn how to track online projects and keep organised.
5. Learn how to be proactive in future job applications.

Our OJT is not just a mere job but preparing yourself to be more competent, proficient, efficient and effective in the future you!

1. Personal Laptop
2. Unionbank Account (EON) (Pls register it to your Unionbank online account so we can link it to your Paypal)
3. Paypal Account
4. Gmail Account
5. 2 x 2 ID picture with white background.
6. Skype Account

1. Personal Website
2. Team/ Company Website
3. Upwork 100% Profile

Note: I only accept 5 OJTs maximum for now. There is also no stipend for this OJT as this is designed to help / coach the student / apprentice on how to jump start himself/herself to land a good job that fits to his knowledge, skills and interest. Snacks and FREE internet may be given as one of the provisions though.


Andrew Daugdaug
Senior Web Developer