Checklist for Website Business Startup

Here are some of my tips on how to structure a business website for startups. I based this from my personal experience. I am open for new ideas and insights. 

1. Domain Registration

You can register all your domains in one place. I prefer registering your domains in but if you have existing domains with Godaddy, you can also keep them as your registrar.

2. Website Hosting

Hosting is where you upload your files for your website. I have been using different hosting companies but one of the best hosting that I experienced with is Cloudways. I suggest to use them for Startups who need a fast and reliable server. The best thing about hosting is you can setup multiple websites for just one payment only.

You can use this link to check their pricing plan:

Suggested Plan: $26 per month

3. Website Builder

It is the #1 web creation platform for WordPress. Elementor helps you add advanced styling, layout, and design elements to your WordPress content without requiring you to know code.

You can use this link to check their pricing plan:

Suggested Plan: $79 per year

4. Email Hosting

Nowadays, the standard email hosting for every business is can be either Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. Please see below to compare them and choose what's best suit to your business.

Note: If you are using a CRM like Zoho or Salesforce , I would suggest to use their email hosting instead. This will maximize your business automation setup. 

Zoho mail hosting can be checked here:

Google Workspace

Suggested Plan: $4.20 per user

Microsoft Exchange

Suggested Plan: $4.00 per user

5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Both Zoho and Salesforce offer a comprehensive solution for contact management, reporting, sales enablement and team collaboration. Both have their merits and limitations, and while Salesforce is an undisputed industry standard, Zoho CRM offers low pricing and integration with a wide range of other business tools and processes. I recommend Zoho for Startups.

About the Author

Andrew is a teacher, a webhosting expert and a Microsoft consultant. He loves to help startup individual and small companies to develop a structure, which is designed and suit to their needs. He keeps on studying for new ideas in Technology that will help optimize the best in business process and life.